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              Llandudno and Sandy Bay                                       Camp's Bay  and Lion's Head

Below is a selection of my underwater slides taken in Cape Town's waters, both on the western seaboard
in the Atlantic [the colder side] and  from False Bay.
I dive Cape Town extensively since it is my home town and I truly believe it is one of the top dive
destinations in the world.  It offers year-round diving , reefs comparable to the Red Sea in their range
of colours and some of the most exciting wreck dives in the world.
I have travelled quite extensively and after a week of tropical diving I am always ready to return to the
Cape waters .
The water in the Cape is very cold on the Atlantic side [7 to 12 deg C] but suitably equipped with a drysuit
this can be diving at it's best. In False Bay on the other hand, the temperature can rise to a sweltering 16 deg.
There is more fish life in False Bay but due to the prevailing winds of the Cape peninsula, False Bay is dived
predominantly in winter.
Seals are often present during our dives and they make interesting companions during deco stops.There is
also the chance of an encounter with a great white.
The Cape waters are macro heaven. The selection of nudibranchs, soft corals, anemones and small
creatures is vast and colourful. It is always wise to dive with a torch since the water is often dark and
foreboding in the upper layers until one descends past the thermoclines and the visibility opens up.
Great white cage diving at Dyer Island near Gans Baai is second to none with a very high success rate.

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basket star

                   Basket star on soft coral
                        Fuji Velvia.  105mm   1/60  f/11                                          more basket stars...

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