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Original hand painted eggs by Maria Louise Trautman

What you are about to see will dazzle and delight egg lovers beyond their wildest imagination . . .

The signature range, a series of my own, original, hand painted animal portraits, is an artistic celebration of the magnificent wildlife of Africa. Each egg conveys the life, vibrant colour and incredible warmth that symbolises Africa.

I decorate each egg with love and care, and constantly create new designs. So do come and browse from time to time to see my latest creations, giving that unique reminder of life under the African Sun.

*Eggs for Africa Decoupage Ostrich Eggs are made with only the finest unfertilised ostrich eggs, using only environmentally safe materials.

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The maternal bond between these two Burchell's Zebra is the strongest before the seasonal rains, when nourishing vegetation is scarce. Captured in the cool afternoon, the maroons, ochres and greens of this artwork radiate the tranquillity of the African Savannah.

Against a dark and powerful background, the magnificent presence of this proud bull elephant is conveyed in a series of blues, greys and mauves, offset by accents of ocres and gold detail.

This detailed portrait of the King of the Beasts is one of my all time favourites. His eyes emanate a powerful beauty, while his mane captures the golds and reds of the African Sun.

The strength and splendour of Africa's Big Five combined in an unique composition. Set against the dappled browns of the African Lowveld.

Inquisitiveness, playfulness, shyness and vulnerability describe this young leopard cub, set against a galaxy of shifting colour, jades, purples, blues and turquoise.

The most skilled hunters of the African plain - this mother and cub are rendered in maroons, browns and burnt oranges with accents of mauve and turquoise. Details of the background bush in fine black and white line. On the reverse side of the egg, two young bachelor cheetah pause during a hunt.

First in the range of five ancient map designs. North and south America depicted on the one side. Africa and Europe depicted on the other, separated by a strip showing the first explorers and conquerours and the four elements - earth, wind, fire and water.

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