This is by no means a comprehensive list, just some sites that have caught my attention in recently.

Photos specific to Cape Town and South Africa

Cape Town Weather Watch picture archive maintained by Kevin Levey

Cape Town City Council photographic tour

Discovery/Eye on the Road Feb 98 special feature on Cape Town and SA

Untamed South Africa

Live WebCam of central Cape Town and Table Mountain

Severe weather storm and lightning photos

Chuck Doswell's Photography Page

NSEA meteorologists photo gallery

ASP Photo Gallery

Lightning & Storm Photography by Dave Crowley

Online Tornado Museum

The Storm Chaser photo gallery

Steve Albers's Weather Photographs

Shooting the Aurora Borealis

Australian Severe Weather a mega site with cloud and storm photos

Photography galleries

In the heart of the Alps

Aspens in Colorado by Philip Greenspun

Web Travel

Web Travel Review by Philip Greenspun
featuring Travels with Samantha

Photography techniques for the Web

Dead Trees and what they can teach you about photography by Philip Greenspun for

Windows 95

Win 95 is going to be with us for a while so check out
Windows 95 Annoyances (and how to fix them)

Web Design

Creating Killer Web Sites by Dave Siegel

You can learn how not to do things from this list of "useless" sites
The Useless Pages

Web Tools Review including How to be a Web Whore Just Like Me by Philip Greenspun
featuring Chapter 1: Envisioning a Site That Won't Be Featured In

If you are wondering why Greenspun appears so often, it is because he is probaly one of the best all round photographer/writer/web designer on earth. If you haven't been to one of his site(s), go there NOW!

Greenspun also maintains a database where you can add your own URL to his "Yahoo-like" list

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