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About this Site and the House of Hall

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This Site was created on an Intel® PD440FX Motherboard given to me by Intel® , South Africa, using an Intel® Pentium II™ , 266MHz Processor, given to me jointly by Intel®, South Africa, and their local Distributor, Electronic Building Elements (EBE), for which I thank them both.

This site has been developed because of a need, noted on the Newsgroups, of users who were unable to identify the manufacturers of their equipment. They know they can get something better out of their equipment but didn't know where to look and also in some cases what to do.
I do not apologize for the bias you will notice I have towards Intel motherboards - my philosophy is simple - if one manufacturer makes the processor, pci chipset and motherboard, surely the compatability between these items should be extremely high! Don't get me wrong - I am not wanting a "two company world" - but I find my philosophy works for me and you are entitled and encouraged to follow your own. In fact I would welcome contributions from those of you who have experience with upgrading and installing different motherboards and BIOS's - (where they come from, their WWW address, how they are upgraded, any tips, any traps to watch out for, etc. - Email me)
The reason for the name, House of Hall, is that it is the name I trade under locally. The company is a registered Intel Product Integrator (IPI) (No.17818) and Microsoft OEM Partner (No.870) and we assemble and maintain computers and networks under our own banner in South Africa. I, Glyn Hall, have been in the computer industry since the mid 1970's and have worked with many different manufacturers in that time. I have always preferred the 'nuts and bolts' side of the industry and am still heavily involved in it. I am fairly active in Intel's Motherboard Newsgroups, helping where I can and am open to assist anyone, anywhere at anytime if I can - that is my nature.

What's On this Site

  1. Identify/Upgrade Your Computer / Motherboard
  • Identify Your Motherboard (Including a Manufacturer list of WWW addresses)
  • Moterboard Manuals
  • Upgrading your Motherboard/Processor
  1. Feedback

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