Schematic Trading (Pty) Ltd
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26 Sage Road P O Box 38386
Jacobs Point, Durban
Kwazulu Natal Kwazulu Natal
South Africa South Africa
4052 4069
Tel : +27 31 4612003
Fax : +27 31 4611671
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Schematic Trading (Pty) Ltd is situated in Jacobs, near Durban, in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.
Though our base is in Kwazulu Natal, work is undertaken in just about any area in the country, and international projects are considered as well.  The factory spans 1000 square metres of fabrication area, and is conveniently situated near both regular clients and suppliers.  The lifting capacity of the factory is 5 tonnes.


The company has three Directors.  You will note that the background on this page consists of two roses and a thistle.  This is our company logo, and is derived from the origin of the Directors, the first two listed below being from England, and the third from Scotland.


Schematic are the only company in Kwazulu Natal that has the facility to provide a design, fabrication and installation service in both thermoplastic and fibreglass piping systems..  All operations are completed under strict, documented quality control procedures.
The company has 5 installation teams which operate throughout the country on both new installations as well as maintenance contracts.

We are able to design and fabricate the following products :

Piping systems are available in the following materials : Other items manufactured :


The company was commenced operations in 1984.

William Bendoris was one of the original founding members, and started the company with his extensive experience in thermoplastics.

Eddie Shewell was next to join the the company, and was a valuable addition, bringing his 21 years of construction experience obtained in both RSA and the UK.

Malcolm Florence joined the company in September 1988, and, being considered one of the country's leading experts in fibreglass and thermoplastics, completed the winning team.


The company's approach to the future is simple :

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