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Eleanor and Ashley Johnson

Web site develop, design graphics, artist, programmer - we do it all for you

Eleanor and Ashley Johnson (21K)
Eleanor : M.Sc Ashley : B.A.F.A.
Husband and wife team - artist and programmer, a winning combination.
We will come visit you to discuss your requirements; photograph, consult,
research & program.
Free quotes, with no obligations.
Email : pcfriend1000@yahoo.com
Tel/fax: 011-948-9992
Cell : 082-442-0453

Address :
PO Box 990260,
Kibler Park,
2053, Gauteng,
South Africa

Your Website

A Website is a live advertisment, containing the most up to date information; available in all countries, to all internet users, it encourages visitors to repond immediately while interest is high.

We will design for you - your own Web site, which supplies the information you decide, to 80 million Internet users :

Two great advantages of internet exposure have the potential to vastly reduce your printing and postage costs :

  • information included on your website can be updated at any time
  • printouts can be made by your visitors, so you never have to post updated brochures again
A typical website for your organisation would include :

Your Home page

  • This is ideally the "cover", where you tell a visitor about your company. This initial impression is extremely important.
  • Your homepage would incorporate for example your logo, as well as a description of what you do and where you are, how to contact you, and a set of navigational tools to encourage visitors to enter your site to see more.
  • A page on the internet is not of any particluar size. It is more a logical grouping of topics together. A small site may consist of only one home page, but if you want to convey more, then subsequent pages could include any of the following :

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Further pages on your site

  • Picture catalogues
  • Noticeboard of future developments
  • Product / service descriptions
  • Financial reporting & results
  • Price lists
  • Public relations
  • Ordering & feedback facilities
  • Contact names & numbers
  • Employment opportunities
  • Surveys
  • Special offers
  • Newsletter
  • Your Products or Services brochure / catalogue:

    showing photographs and full descriptions. Why your product offers better value than the competition. Prices and special offers can be included.

  • Your Philosophy :

    This is an important aspect of your business, and will tend to permeate your site by its feel. You want to let your customer know how progressive you are, and how you like to operate.

  • Your order form :

    allows your client to address orders and queries to you, while he is looking at your site.

  • Your Contact information :

    listings of important phone numbers and addresses, including an automatic email facility. You can include photographs to create a more personalised view.

  • Links :

    If you provide links to other sites of interest in the same field, to other companies related to yours, or to sites belonging to existing clientele, this encourages visitors to return to your site in order to follow alternative routes around the Web.

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Creation includes :

We will create a completely functional & tested site that incorporates:

  • Page templates to create an overall design
  • Scanning of existing promotional artwork and Logos
  • Custom artwork
  • Creation of buttons, banners and background, moving text, page templates
  • Access to clipart, photography and cartoons
  • Animations
  • Conversion of artwork to digital images and to small files (GIF and JPG)
  • Image map creation - linking images to other pages
  • Text creation & formatting
  • Placement of illustrations
  • Linking within your site, to external sites and to feedback & email facilities
  • Keywords for search engines

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Other services

  • Site maintenance and page updates
  • Link validation checks
  • Submit to Search Engines
  • Domain (URL) name registration
  • Redesign and editing of existing sites to update and improve navigation

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