Whats New

15-Jan-2000 Two new articles Scriptable Plug-Ins and Add Scripting to Your Apps

New delphi example (XML Editor (example 7))

23-April-1999 Updated Delphi example (Debugger (example 6)). Prototype win32 debugger that supports breakpoints. Has a dissasembler, MAP file to line number generator. Uses ActiveX scripting to provide a OLE plugin interface.
13-April-1999 PE Format (gif pic)
25-Mar-1999 VC++ Example (#16). Demonstrates static order-0 Huffman compression
14-Feb-1999 Updated VC++ Example (#14). PE Dumper class and COM DLL, updated to allow parsing of PE files loaded by the OS
13-Feb-1999 Updated Delphi example (Debugger) Now gets name of DLL from PE export section (esp usefull on WinNT)
10-02-1999 New VC++ Example (#13). Plain C++ COM DLL implementation
04-02-1999 New asm source. Demo bootable application
17-10-1998 New articee (Implementing OLE Drop and Paste)
02-09-1998 New asm example (ImageHlp) Lists functions exported by a DLL (using the ImageHlp API)
22-08-1998 New Delphi example (Debugger) Demonstrates the basics of the Win32 Debug API. Based on the MSDN article "The Win32 Debugging Application Programming Interface"
22-08-1998 Added new assembler example (LoadRes), port of the delphi LoadRes example. This example is fully functional, but does not (yet) display dialogs as the delphi version does. This is hopefully the first of a number of Win32 asm examples. I would also like to add a small Win32 asm tutor/tips.
15-08-1998 Added new delphi example (LoadRes), very basic win32 resource viewer
15-08-1998 Added 2 new articles to the 2 from the old delphi site.
see the Articles page.
14-08-1998 Moved www pages from old delphi site.