DocFile Viewer 0.1

Simple Delphi 3.02 application that displays the format of a OLE structured storage file (DocFile). The viewer loads and displays the data in streams, and property sets (eg the SummaryInformation property set). Property sets are displayed in a string grid - showing the type, PropertyID and value of each property.


Selected Normal Desc
  Root IStorage
  Property Set
  'Special Stream'

NB the DocFile viewer used my TPropertySet class and thus has the same limitations, (ie single section US-Ansi property sets). The source is available for download so you can upgrade it as you see fit.


Name ZIP Size
DocFile Viewer 0.1 Source df__DocFileView_Source 16kb
DocFile Viewer 0.1 Compiled Exe 188kb

As always use this software at your own risk.

As always use this software at your own risk.