Chris Van Hoof's Cozy Mk IV

Plan # 219


Chapter 13 - Nose and Nose Gear

While he was up here in Jhb, Rego also made the Nose Gear bulkheads and assembled. Then the nose floor got added, the nose cone bulkheads manufactured and the nose sides shaped. later two plies BID were added to the corners.



and then it stood on its own !


Chapter 14 - Center Section Spar

Here I had acquired some prepreg cap material. The more I looked at it , the less I liked it, so it was returned to the supplier. Another builder had a fancy spar cap bobbin machine as can be seen in an old Cozy Newsletter), and he had not yet thrown the jig away, so he kindly assisted by making this part as well. It was transported up to Jhb during the cricket season at the same time as the Canard. The Spar centre was 1/4" out so that gave some trouble when installing it in the fuselage.


Chapter 15 - The Firewall

We left ours out till the last possible moment. But it is in now, together with the fuel plumbing.


Chapter 16 - Control System Installation

Yes, we are busy with that too ... just a trial fit has been done. 


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