Chris Van Hoof's Cozy Mk IV

Plan # 219


Chapter 01 - Description & Introduction

Tells you more about the Cozy's flying abilities, construction, building sequence, building time , FAA procedures and contains the COZY MK IV LICENSE AGREEMENT.


Chapter 02 - Bill of Materials

What to order by material volumes or broken into Chapter sections, even contains a cutting layout for the foam parts.


Chapter 03 - Education 

How to build a Scale, Hot Wire Cutter and much more. This is similar to the book included in the Intro Kit you can order from Wicks or Aircraft Spruce. You will also build some parts to get you accustomed to working with foam, epoxy and glass.

If you skip this, you WILL go back and read it later...!


Chapter 04 - Fuselage Bulkheads

The easy parts get constructed first, as you progress they become slightly more complicated. This is really a gradual process and designed to build your confidence as you go along ... well, it succeeded with me!

No Pic's here it was all too easy...


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