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I'm a Lone Wolf Delphi programmer developing my first 3D game demo. The results of my demo so far is all thanks to the 3DState Engine, and of course, strong cups of coffee and late nights. All my development is done after hours. The demo is based on a freshwater fishing game. It is a first person outdoors & fishing demo. The terrain is an island somewhere in the sea.
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News - 4 December 2003

Welcome back.
So much has happened since the last time I updated this site.
I started working on a new dam for my game demo.
I added bass to the new dam. The bass can only be caught by using lures.
I also added a Casting Range. The player will be able to see exactly how far each cast was.

News - 24 April 2003

I have finished most of the swimming animations for the fish .
The terrain design is also almost finished. I am still struggling with the design of the skybox.

News - 4 March 2003

I added a screenshots webpage

News - 2 March 2003

I started designing a better skybox.
The current one is displaying bright lines in each corner.
I think the lines in the corners are caused by the sky images, i'm using.

News - 20 January 2003

Last night I started working on the fish models for the demo.
Each fish will have it's own unique animation.
Luckily I have found a lot of fish pics on the web.