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Pelargoniums are part of the large family, Geraniaceae some of which are the popular pot plants we know as Geraniums. These "Geraniums", more correctly termed Pelargoniums have adapted themselves superbly to many different habitats and climatic zones. They mainly occur in South Africa with the heaviest concentration of species in the South Western Cape.

Pelargoniums are grouped into various sections according to their diagnostic features. These groups represent the many different types of Pelargoniums which are available. In short there are shrubby types such as Pelargonium zonale and Pelargonium cucullatum; ground cover or trailing types such as Pelargonium alchemelloides and Pelargonium peltatum; succulent types such as Pelargonium crithnifolium and Pelargonium carnosum; and geophytic types with underground tubers such as Pelargonium appendiculatum and Pelargonium schizopetalum. Within the family of Geraniaceae there is also a fascinating genus called Sarcocaulon. These plants have spiny stems and grow like succulents and resemble bonsai plants. They bear beautiful flowers in shades of white, lemon and rose, and this makes them extremely popular with collectors.

Because there are so many varieties of Pelargoniums available there is something of interest for everyone.

Pelargoniums are a fascinating family of plants. Many are found in the winter rainfall area and prefer a Mediterranean climate. They have been grown extremely successfully in California, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy as well as in other countries. There are even species available for areas which receive summer rainfall. The many hybrids of Pelargonium peltatum, and Pelargonium zonale make ideal bedding as well as pot plants.

Please inquire for our Pelargonium list, stating where possible the types of Pelargoniums which are of the most interest.

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