Mount Spurr - Alaska

(photo courtesy Alaskan Volcano Observatory)

Mount Spurr is an Alaskan volcano named after a member of my family. His name was Josiah Edward Spurr a geologist who surveyed the area at the turn of the century. Mount Spurr is a stratovolcano that has a satellite vent known as Crater Peak. There were three large eruptions in 1992 that covered Anchorage in ashfall that closed Anchorage Airport! Mount Spurr is 3374 m high and has not been climbed often. The weather in the area can be very extreme.

(photo brian spurr)

This is a friend of mine Cliff Arderne standing on top of the Amphitheatre in the Kwa Zulu/Natal Drakensberg mountains. The view and peacefulness at around 10000 feet is fantastic! The walk to the top is spectacular and not too difficult. Well worth the effort.

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