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Welcome to the home page of The Scouting Network !
This ring was created as a means of connecting home pages about Scouting to one another.If you own a home page on Scouting I would encorage you to become a part of this ring.
A ring can bennifit your page because it increases the traffic flow. In other words more people will visit your site more often.
Content Guidelines
Before you go ahead and join I would recomend that you make certain that your home page has something to do with Scouting, Survival, Adventure or Scouting Equiptment . If the content of your page does not relate to these topics your site will not enter the ring.

How to Join the Ring
Here are sthe simple steps you need to follow in order to join the ring.
1. Fill out the form provided below, you will then be added to the ScoutNet queue. Your information will remain there untill you are added by the Ringmaster.

Site URL:
Site Title:

2. You will then recieve an e-mail message giving you the html fragment you will need on your page, and instructions on how to set it up. Follow these steps closely to ensure that the ring does not break. Please DO NOT alter this fragment, If a problem occurs e-mail the Ring Master.
3. On the E-Mail you will find a file attachment containing 2 pictures which must be uploaded with your web page.

Sample the HTML
For those of you wanting to know what will be placed on your home page this is it. If you want to see what HTML will be put on your page just view the source of this page.

The Scouting Network

This Scout Net site
is owned by 1st Durban North Scouts.

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Edit Your Existing ScoutNet Info

If you are already part of the SurfRing, and need to edit your site information, enter your site ID and password below.

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