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24-Hour Cycle Marathon Won by Journey's End Scouts!
The Journey's End Scout team of four won the 24-Hour Cycle Marathon recently at the Queensburgh cycle track. This success meant that 1st Durban North Journey's End retained their trophy won two years ago. Not only did the boys have to contend with the long hours cycling but also the tough track made it doubly difficult. Each lap of the track involved an uphill climb that meant dismounting from the cycle, lifting it over a chain, a steep decent, many large humps and a couple of banked corners.

The winning team comprised Ryan Archibald, Rupert Williamson, Darren Archibald and Michael Spurr. The latter was called in as a late replacement when David Pires withdrew due to illness. David ironically experienced the only real problem experienced by the team having an accident prior to the start of the race. This bent an axle but the team was well prepared to deal with this. A loose wheel bearing and a puncture were the only other problems experienced.

The four riders kept a fast but steady pace throughout the event, maintaining around a 30 lap lead on the rest of the field most of the way. During the race they were one of the few not to have an accident. The team was well organised by their leader Ryan Archibald. Each rider rode for 20-minute stints on a rotational basis. During the night one scout would sleep for two hours while the other three continued to rotate the cycling duties.

The event started at 2 p.m. on the Saturday and ended at the same time on Sunday. Ryan took the last stint and crossed the line to take the checkered flag after 704 laps of the 250-metre course. Total distance was therefore 176 kilometres, roughly 44kms per boy, A key part of the victory was the hard working pit crew of Gordon and Debbie Archibald who provided the sleeping tent and all catering facilities. Four very tired (but happy) Scouts headed home to sleep before planning their assault on next year's race!

Brian Spurr
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