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Survival Challenge

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Hot off the Press! The Ultimate Survival Challenge 1998 - DON'T MISS IT - Open to the top 12 scouts in the district.

The Ultimate Survival Challenge.
This exciting camp is open to the twelve best scouts in the district, at the end of the camp (should they survive) the will each be awarded the Scout 'Backwoodsman' badge. The camp will be held on a farm somewhere within a radius of 80 Km from the Journey's End scout hall on the 27th - 29th March (subject to confirmation).

The twelve lucky scouts will be selected at a try-out afternoon to be held at the J.E. hall (probably the afternoon of the 21st Feb). The try-outs will work as follows - Each scout will undertake a number of challenges and score points accordingly. The twelve top scoring scouts go camping... The challenges may include the following - teamwork, navigation, backwoods cooking, logic, fitness, pioneering challenges.

For the Survival camp itself a knowledge of astral navigation is essential as is the ability to gut and cook both fish and fowl. (The later being killed on site either by the farmer's assistants or by the scouts depending on their choice)
The Backwoodsman badge will be used as a guideline, however some extra tasks may be added.

The scouts may take a basic survival kit with them, including the following - 1 x Panga, Survival blanket, fishing line and hooks, 1 x standard size box of matches, a general purpose knife (a pen knife multi-use knife is more useful than the 'Rambo Survival' type knifes available), a basic first aid kit (to include bandages). Other items may be carried but it would be advised to show the organisers your kit at the try-out afternoon for approval. A minimal change of clothing is recommended, including good shoes, a towel, a water/wind resistant jacket and swimming kit. One roll of plastic sheeting is allowed per scout ( No larger than 2000mm x 1200mm)

The cost per participant is R70.00 and a parent consent form is essential for both the camp and the try-out afternoon. The organisers have and will attempt to keep the camp as safe as possible but the scout and his parents must accept that participation is entirely at their own risk.

Should you want to attend please contact Brian on (031) 839266 or at E-Mail him. It is essential that you use the button below or Brian will not recieve your aplication.
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    The Results of the Tryout Afternoon.
    The turn out at the tryouts was very disappointing- only twelve hopeful scouts showed up. Some of these Scouts obviously knew a lot more than their fellows and the following results certainly show this. Possibly more Saturday afternoons should be spent sharpening those scouting skills... Court of Honour - how about it.

    Very important : the Scout Hall keys are missing - please can everyone check their kit and see whether they perhaps took them home - if you did PLEASE phone Brian right away!
    Anyway on to the results - did I tell you we have a really awesome climbing wall - thanks to Oliver and Craig...thanks okeies!

    The final results
    Oliver Peacock 80 points
    Marek Karcz 80 points
    Michael Spurr 70 points
    Paul ten Hoorn Boer 69 points
    Ashley Gill 69 points
    Darren Archibald 68 points
    David Pires 66 points
    Dayne Murrell 60 points
    Mathew McMullen 60 points
    Jonathan Steyn 55 points
    Rowan Powell 48 points
    Travis Head 42 points

    Due to the nature of the camp it has decided, in the interest of minimum standards, to take only the Scouts who scored 60 points or more,out of the possible 85 points. However those who scored in between 60 and 75 it must be stressed you need to do a lot more swatting up on your skills, the importance of knowing navigation by night and day cannot be stressed enough.

    In closing I must also say thank you to all my helpers this afternoon - Craig, James, Siva & son, Andrew, Mark, David (Dave where did you go?)

    Should you have any queries please contact me.