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Tarzan Camp

On Saturday 28 September 1996 13 scouts arrived between 6:30 and 7:15 to pack the bags and equipment onto and into bakkies and kombis, which transported us to Pax Hill Scout Hall, the venue for the 1996 Nkwazi Rovers Tarzan Camp. Nearly all the older scouts were doing Craig's Springbok Scout hike so we produced two very young patrols led by Paul Hollows and myself. There were 6 patrols overall.

The aim of the camp was to stay up a tree for 24 hours with only 10 minutes for toiletries. You also come down for bases and when you had to report. My patrol had a bit of a problem with getting the equipment off the ground in the 30 minutes for we were rather inexperienced. So we had some of our equipment confiscated but we got them back. Points were taken from the bases and our tree house.

There were four bases. At the first base you had to construct whatever you wanted. At the second base you had to weave through poles and slide down poles taking obstacles with you. The third base was a stalking base and at the fourth base you had to get your patrol leader down a tree. He had a broken leg and a wound to the ear. My harness broke and I fell to my death in the river. In the end we had to hand the trophy over, which we won last year, to the Buffalo patrol. Our patrols came fourth and fifth.

Everyone enjoyed the camp. I would like to say thank you, on behalf of the other scouts, to the Nkwazi Rovers for an excellent camp, to James for organising everything and lastly to the parents who transported us and the equipment to and from Pax Hill.



On Saturday 25 November 1995 many of the 1st Durban North scouts visited the Natal Highway Command. This is an army base which tries to keep peace in the townships.
On arriving we were spoken to by Colonel J William on the basic aims of the Highway Command. Then we were split into two groups one group was shown the armoured cars while the others were shown and handled weapons. My group was taken to the vehicles some examples are the refrigerator van generator van equipment vehicle a petrol tanker a water tanker and a complete kitchen trailer, some of us thought they should have one for camps ! All these vehicles are armoured and designed for bad terrain.

We were then shown the different weaponry. We were also shown the correct way in which to dismantle and put together a rifle how to load a rifle shotgun and hand gun. We were also privileged to be shown the gun and ammo storage facility.

Then we were taken into a room with every size of the necessary army base clothing as well as tents, dried food etc.

After that we tried on gas masks and helmets we were also shown how you drink wearing a gas mask. We also tried out a 2 way radio. finally we took a bumpy ride on an armoured car around the base. All the scouts thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Michael Spurr

Virginia Airport Camp

We arrived at Virginia airport nearby the helicopter hangars. We handed in our money and indemnity forms. About 12 Scouts arrived for the camp. We were told the rules of the camp. Then we were given a quick tour of part of the airport. We then had a meeting and were separated into groups. We set up the tents and used sticks for pegs for there were not enough pegs. We then started the bases.

Our first base was make a stretcher and carry a person along a course. The second base was to secure an oil bin halfway up the bank. We then had to guide a trolley through an obstacle course. After that we messed around and we were given a ride on the trolley. Of course I would be the one to get hurt! We then started making fires and cooking food.
In my patrol no-one wanted to do anything. After dinner we messed around and told jokes. Nirshad, Brendan and I were going to raid the smaller guys but Nirshad fell asleep. Brendan and I were prowling around when Oliver, Jonathan and Jeremy started attacking our tent. This started the raids. We forced them back and woke up the rest. The chickens ran back to the crew room and wouldn't come out. There were two doors to the crew room. Wherever I was everyone else was. No-one would go around the other side. Well, Jonathan broke free and wet our tents and I got soaked taking him. Well, all our stuff was wet so we slept outside. The chickens said they would too but they didn't.

In the morning we disassembled the tents and gave our left over food to Oliver. We then waited for our helicopter ride to Glenwood Old Boys Club. The ride was brilliant but a bit too short. We landed on one of the rugby fields. Consequently a tennis tournament was going on at the tennis courts. The camp was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Oliver and his father for this camp.

Rupert Williamson

District Night Hike

On the 13 th of April, the night hike was prepared for that day. We arrived at Glenashley Scout Hall, were divided into patrols and were driven to the starting point. We had to make something there that we could carry the whole night. The bases were : shooting, getting the patrol up a tree, BMX, midnight with obstacle course and braai, getting patrol across a river, signs and first aid base.

The hiking overall was just 12 km so we finished rather early. Once again our troops base was the best. This was the midnight base where we stayed for two hours! At the BMX base we borrowed another patrol's bike because Terence's bike's wheel had no cover over the tube.

The worst base was the finish. One guy got hit by a car, Oliver cut his foot on a stone and Ashley cut his foot on some glass. After a late breakfast of sausage, scrambled egg and hot chocolate our parents picked us up and off we went home. Another night hike at an end and once again a good turn out from our troop. Enjoyed by all.

Rupert Williamson

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