Vote Top 25Shirley Pimple

Appearing in:                                                                          Voiced by:
    The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show                    Brad Garrett

Shirley Pimple :- "Curses. Pith Possum. No good." (33Kb wav)

Shirley Pimple :- "Ha ha ha. There it is - City Hall. Destroy it. Destroy, destory Jack." (87Kb wav)

Pith Possum & Shirley Pimple :- "Shirley Pimple! I thought we used a bug bomb on you last time. You did baby, but we built up an immunity to it and it only suceeded in making us mad." (111Kb wav)

Shirley Pimple :- "They don't see your beauty. They find you repulsive. They employ exterminators Jack. they use poisonous chemicals of every description on you my dear sweet buggies. They use shoes, rolled up newspapers, magazines, anything they can find to squash us. Enough. Today we unleash our secret weapons." (241Kb wav)

Shirley Pimple :- "Look at it faithful Condor. It's hideous. So clean and shiny. I can't stand the sight of it any longer. All those happy citizens living in those nice trees. Not that there's anything wrong with living in a castle made out of dirt and bug spit. But those happy tree freaks make me wanna purge the way they look down on you, my faithful bug servants." (264Kb wav)

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These sounds come from the "Pith Possum: Super-Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow" segment entitled 'Bride of Darkness'.