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Mamoru Yamamoto is the founder of Yoshukai Karate-do, and off-shoot of Chito-Ryu Karate-do.  Yamamoto-san was the top student of Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose in the late 50's and early 60's, and later broke from his teacher to create his own system.
Typically, the kata of Yoshukai are the same as Chito-Ryu, with a few exceptions.  Nijusichi no kata (Kyhon Kata Shizentai) and Mu Gen are known as kata of Yamamoto.  Also interjected into the system were several weapons kata, including nunchaku, tonfa (tuifa), roku bo, and sai.
Yamamoto Sensei was/is a power based fighter, and his system reflects such.  Powerful punches and kicks are the trademarks of his creation, with many demonstrations given showing him to break Louisville Slugger baseball bats with his shin.
Chito-Ryu was founded based on kata learned from Seisho Aragaki (Seisan), Chomo Hanashiro (Shi Ho Hai, Ryusan), Chotoku Kyan (Bassai, Chinto), Kanryo Higashionna (Sanchin, Tensho).  Also interjected were Chitose Sensei's own kata of Ten Shin, Ni Sei Shi and San Shi Ryu.  As one can see, the art was derived of kata and techniques learned from Shorin, Tomari and Naha cities.
Chitose Sensei was also very learned in the other kata of his time, including Saifa, Kururunfa, and many others.
Shingo-ha Yoshukai was founded by Mike Sadler, Hanshi, a student of both Mamoru Yamamoto Kaicho and Hiroyuki Koda Sensei.
Sadler Sensei also holds yudansha rank in judo and jujutsu, and his art reflects the nage and kensetsu waza learned by him.  (It should be noted that Chitose Sensei held a roku dan in judo--and his art reflected the same nage and kensetsu waza as can be seen in his book Kempo Karate-do).

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