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A brief history of Goshukan Ryu as submitted by Garry Parker

Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate-do was founded in 1986 by Takamiyagi Hiroshi.

Takamiyagi Sensei has practiced Karate for over 40 years, and was a long-time student of Nakamura Ankichi (Shuri-Te) He has also trained in Wu Shu Chuan (Five Ancestor Fist/ Ngo Cho Kun) for nearly 2 decades.

Goshukan-Ryu is the culmination of these two styles and includes the Kata, and training methods of both styles.  The training is intense, and the self-defense methods are no-nonsense, and destructive, including: Tai sabaki/ evasion, joint locks, traps, breaks, sweeps, and throws,  not to mention the plethora of closed and openhanded strikes, kicks, blocks, and parrys.

The focus of full-contact training is evident in the dojo with students 'warming up' with makiwara, kote-kitae, or ashigitae practice. This is not somuch a 'new' style as it is a combination of two different, yet highly effective old styles.

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