Ken-Ju By Henry Low

Komic Kreations which was formed to create comics with a difference - and Ken-Ju is testimony to that.

Ken-Ju is not just a comic book for fun and entertainment, but also a practical guide to the martial arts. With every encounter in his adventures, Ken-Ju uses actual martial arts movements to defend and attack his enemies.

For the Martial Arts enthusiast, the fighting scenes in this comic serves as a reference (refer to the instruction pages at the back of the book), and this should be collected as each issue will show different techniques.

The Editorial Committee are very excited about Ken-Ju and his entralling adventures. They hope you will journey with them as they introduce you to Ken-Ju's vast array of friends and enemies who will aid, challenge, threaten and enlighten him.

About the Author
Henry Low is a 6th Dan Black Belt certified by the Singapore Taekwondo Association and serves as a Chief Judge and Deputy Chief Instructor to the STA.

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