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It's a funny old world. Thankfully South Africans have a sense of humour. But some of the shenanigans our leaders - and yours - get up to are quite disturbing. The blithe excuses, and apparent lack of conscience is frankly frightening. At least we don't have G W Bush!

Safety and Security Minster Steve Tshwete sentenced to 30 days for contempt of court:

Our gung-ho G-man, immortalised as "Sweaty Tshwete" by the Sunday Times' Hogarth after he fumed about woman going shopping instead of to rallies on Women's day in 2000, seems to have his foot permanently in it.

His latest act of arrogance involved failing to appear (or send an advocate) to explain why he should not be found guilty of contempt and sent to jail for failing to pay Advanced Contractors R43000 plus interest for work done in 1998.

His poor creditors first appealed to the magistrates court for due payment in March last year. Mr Tshwete ignored it. They went to the High Court in July this year. Sweaty was give 5 days to pay up but thought he could get away with it again.

Talk about respect for the law!

Mr Tshwete is the Minister of Saftey and Security or, in plainspeak, the Minister of Police, so he should know the ropes.

Of course, no one expects him to actually serve any time. Is that because the government's fat-cat cowboys can get away with anything? Who knows. What is certain is that an ordinary citizen in kthe same circumstances would be now be staring at four filthy, closely apart, grey jail-cell walls.


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