The Williams'

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Here you'll find the latest stuff hastily concocted prior to permanent placement. If anyone would like me to post an announcement and alert people (email addresses please) of get-togethers, gatherings, meetings, social events, re-unions etc. just email me the details. For those who want it, Webstrosity offers to link to their homepages or even create and host them here or with your own ISP. All that is required is the requisite info. (No rates, or guarantees, apply).

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A new section - State of the Nation - has been added. Here you will find perhaps unkind words about our country. I will try include some funnies (actually it would all be very funny if it wasn't so damn tragic)

I plan to move the pics etc soon...

Here is a rare event in many a family - 4 Generations together.
From Left:
Linda, her Granny Peggy, (sadly now passed on) Rachel and Rachel's Granny Sylvia

The mapping of the human genome might be a monumental scientific milestone. However it might also be like putting a candle in the hands of a toddler in a room full of gunpowder: