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Humans and cats go back a long way. However their instinct is to live by killing and eating their fellow creatures. Humans and cats go back a long way!

CUDDLEBUNNIES: Lucky and Jasmine fulfil another of Rachel's cats-in-a-basket fantasies. We bought these animals from Animal Welfare at Christmas and Racey loves them so much she finds it very difficult to let them be. A bad case of pick-up-catitis. However it is also clear that they adore her, even though she makes them squeal for freedom when she's holding them in her tender, but vice-like grip. Lucky, the tabby, is ostensibly Luke's cat and her chose the name. Rachel originally called her cat "Princess Jasmine". They are both, de facto, now Rachel's creatures.

CAT TO GO: Jasmine parks in a room with a view (Oops who forgot to activate the anti-redeye flash?). She is a burrowing cat and loves nothing more than to go under carpets, behind curtains, in boxes, baskets, cupboards and all. She's definitely the most agile of the two and the most "catlike". Lucky thinks that she's almost human and deserves the same consideration. She's also got the silkiest fur, while Jazzy's is more coarse. Though Lucky is the heavier and larger creature, she's always the first to break and run in a rough-and-tumble. Jazzy's a turbo-cat, and more likely to come home hurt.