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In some philosophies animals are but one cycle behind humans. Our disproportionate regard for our own animals in contrast to humans far from us might inately support that view. What is clear is that we must always be kind to life, including animal life. Especially animals which answer abuse with redoubled love...

If the kids are asking after the cute puppy that used to be here, pass mouse over here for a revisit.

OK, we finally turned up a kind of blurry pic of the, now aging, beloved Diva. If she looks a little green about the gills its due to my quick deep-etch job and not her inconsiderable age of around 14 human years. As a result the mischievous, prancing girl of yore is no more: She can only produce that enthusiasm in short bursts these days.

For those who don't know, Diva is a cocktail of Bull Terrier and Springer Spaniel. However little children often mistake her for No. 103 of the famous Disney dog family.