Published Compositions

'My Spirit Longs for Thee' for choir and organ (Royal School of Church Music, England, 1982)

'Christ whose glory fills the skies' for choir and organ (Royal School of Church Music, Cape Town, 1989)

Unpublished Compositions

Suite for Violoncello and Piano

Loveliest of Trees (song for higher voice and piano)

Music when soft voices die (SATB)

Mondnacht (SATB)

Mass of St George (SATB, unison voices and organ)

Three Motets (SATB)
    Christ, the Servant
    The Servant of the Lord
    Be holy in all ye do

Prayer for Africa (unison voices and organ)

O Mysterium Ineffabile (unison voices and organ)

Ave Verum (unison voices and organ)

Create in me (SATB and organ)

The African Versicles and Responses

Threnody for Organ

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