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Competitive environment.
It has become very clear that most groups are engaged in negotiating "things" for their members to give them an edge over other micro lenders.  A micro lender who, therefore, is not affiliated to a group will be excluded from many of these "things".

Because of current developments and threats in the industry, membership of a group such as the ALLIANCE may be an investment into your continued survival and growth.


Code of Conduct

The ALLIANCE does not have a head office that prescribes or regulates.  You, therefore, retain the identity of your choice and decide what is best for you.

The Alliance subscribes to the code of ethics and conduct of the Association of Micro Lenders(MLA


Members are encouraged to actively participate in the operations of the ALLIANCE.  In so doing each member plays an important role to contribute to our individual and collective prosperity.

Our motto "Ubuntu"

"Ubuntu" is an African term for, "I am, because you are".  This is the spirit of the ALLIANCE.


Comprehensive.  This includes membership of the ASSOCIATION OF MICRO LENDERS (MLA).  To become a member of the MLA through the ALLIANCE saves you their registration fee of R741.  Your monthly membership fee of R205.20 is then paid over to the MLA on your behalf.  The membership fee for this category is R547.20 (VAT included) per month.

The race is on!

In this dynamic Industry, the race is fierce.
Don't get left behind.  Talk to us today.

Exclusive.  This comprises membership of the ALLIANCE only.  Some of our members chose this option because they are already members of the MLA and prefer to personally pay the monthly membership fee.  The rate for this category is R342.00 (VAT included) per month.

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