Alcape Fencing - Security System T

System T
A.   Plain
B.   Straight Extension
C.   Double Overhang
D.   Corner / Stay detail
Security System T

Type Mesh Height Total Height Incl o/h No. Line Wires Int. Post Length Int Post Dia Str.Post Length Str Post Dia Stay Dia
C.G. T 15 1500 1950 4 2100 (50-75) 2100 (75-100) (50-75)
C.G. T 18 1800 2250 4 2400 (50-75) 2400 (75-100) (50-75)
C.G. T 20 2000 2450 5 2600 (75-100) 2700 (100-125) (75-100)
C.G. T 24 2400 2850 5 3000 (75-100) 3000 (100-125) (75-100)
C.G. T 30 3000 3450 6 3600 (75-100) 3600 (100-125) (75-100)

All measurements in mm.


1. Straining Posts and Corner Posts

1.1 CROSS STAY ASSEMBLY: This assembly comprises three vertical posts planted 1.5 metres with two horizontal cross stays and diagonal twisted straining wire.
1.2 SLANTED STAY ASSEMBLY: This assembly comprises on vertical post notched with two stays and spiked to the post at 1/3 of the height from the top at an angle of 45.
1.3 SPACING: Straining posts are spaced at maximum 90 metre centres.
1.4 POSTS AND STAY SIZES: Look at the above table.

2. Intermediate Posts (Standards)

1.1 TIMBER POSTS: Timber standards are spaced at 3.5m intervals. (Refer to above table for relationship between post diameter and fence height).
1.2 Y-SECTION ALTERNATIVE: Iscor Y-Section standards can be used as an alternative to timber standards. Where required 450 x 25 x 4mm steel overhangs are welded to the top of the standards as detailed above.
1.2 SPACING: Intermediate posts are spaced at 3.0 metre centres.

3. Overhang Fittings

Manufactured from angle iron, pre-drilled for barbed wire and fixing to posts, hot dip galvanised after manufacture.

4. Finish

All wooden posts are either creosoted or tanalith treated.

5. Concrete Bases

3.1 STRAINING POSTS   450 x 450 x 600mm deep.
3.2 STAYS:   400 x 600 x 400mm deep
3.3 INTERMEDIATE POSTS:   300 x 300 x 400mm deep. (excluding Y-sections)
(Planted in hole 600mm deep)

6. Choice of Mesh Cover

See Chainlink (Diamond) Mesh or Wedged Mesh.

7. Barbed Wire

Three strands of barbed wire are fixed with tie wire to the extension arms. See Barbed Wire for details on quality, type and diameter.

8. Gates

Standard Alcape Fencing security gates, bar gates and ornamental gates can be included in this system. Refer to the various Gate Specification leaflets in this catalogue.

9. Barbed Tape Concertina

See Barbed Tape Concertina.

10. Flat Wrap

Flat Wrap applications are available.

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