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Our site at Worcester is one of the few in the world where thermic, ridge and wave soaring conditions can be experienced at one venue. For wave to develop, there must be a stable layer or inversion, the wind velocity should increase with height and there must be a mountain range roughly perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction. It is not necessarily true that the wind must be strong at ground level as often the wind at low level is light but wave develops in the stronger winds higher up. When these conditions are present the wind rises up over the mountain range and instead of continuing to rise above the mountain as happens when the air is unstable, the air descends on the lee side of the mountain because of thestable layer. When the descending air meets the ground it bounces back up until it reaches the stable layer where it descends again. This action produces a series of up draughts alternating with down draughts (or lee waves) down wind of the mountain range .... This is an extract from CGC Cloudbase Manual