• Richard Bulkin
  • Personal Information
  • Full names: Richard George Harris Bulkin
  • Home address: 175 East Rd, Pomona, Kempton Park
  • Postal address: PO Box 8021, Bonaero Park, 1622
  • Tel: 083 379 3367 Fax: 083 8 379 3367
  • Identity number: 6804035107084
  • Date of birth: 03 April 1968
  • Drivers license: Yes – Code 01 & 08
  • Health: Excellent
  • Marital status: Married
  • Nationality: South African
  • Age: 31
  • Languages English, Afrikaans & Zulu.
    Summary of qualifications BCompt (Hons) C.T.A.
  • 1993 – 1994 University of South Africa
  • Part time.
  • BCom (Hons) Financial Management

  • 1989 – 1990 University of Pretoria
  • Part time.
  • BCom Accounting Sciences

  • 1986 – 1988 University of Pretoria
  • Full time bursary student.
  • Secondary education Last school attended: Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld - Kempton Park

    Matriculated with full exemption

  • Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Biology, & Accounting.
  • Leadership roles: School Prefect.
  • Extramural activities: Commodore VIC20, Rugby & Water Ski.
  • Professional memberships South African Institute of Chartered Accountants – 1995

    Public Accountants & Auditors Board – 1995

  • Passed both Part I & II of the qualifying exam at first attempt.
  • Professional experience 1995 – present. Nedcor Bank Ltd. - Sandton

    Commercial Bank http://www.nedcor.co.za/

    Project Manager


  • Joined Nedcor in October 1994 on secondment from Deloitte & Touche.
  • Permanently employed in June 1995 as a Business Analyst working on the General Ledger project.
  • Promoted to Assistant Project Manager in June 1996 and to Macro Project Manager in January 1997.
  • I reported to the Programme Management Executive and was responsible for a project team that varied from 8 to 20 people.
  • My main duties were to ensure that the project delivers, to the bank, a state of the art general ledger as a fully integrated and flexible financial solution; which supports the requirements of a time critical view of financial data and conforms to international information technology & accounting standards, catering for existing and future requirements.
  • I was the Macro Project Manager of the third & final phase of the implementation of the new integrated General Ledger system for the entire bank. The project was completed successfully in September 1998.
  • My team received the award for best team in the Bank for 1997.
  • The General Ledger project primed me to obtain the financial insight into the dynamics of a Bank, resulting in the ability to bridge Information Technology and Business needs.
  • After completion of the General Ledger project I was responsible for the financial year-end change project which was completed during January 1999.
  • I currently work for Nedcor IT Division as a consultant, specifically on the Financial Systems Year 2000 compliance project.
  • Detail

    The essence of the project was to replace the general ledgers of the Bank (seven at the time) with one integrated solution. The software selected by the bank was FlexiFDW, supplied by Flexi International, a software company specialising in the financial services industry, based in the USA, for more information about the company and the product please follow this hyperlink č http://www.flexi.com/. We implemented the Oracle/AIX version of the software with the server version running in a UNIX environment on an IBM RS6000 R30 computer using dual 601 processors (upgraded to quad processors in third phase of the project). Most of the Bank’s legacy product systems ran in a MVS environment, thus, In order to facilitate integration with the Banks other product systems an Application Product Interface (API) was developed and implemented. The API consists of 21 interfaces, processing in excess of four million transactions per day, based on master data tables with more than 100 000 rules. The existing general ledgers and subsidiary ledgers consisted of in house developed systems, programmed in COBOL and varied in age up to 20 years, subsequently these systems were not well documented and overall knowledge scarce.

    The project was broken down into three phases:

    Phase 1

    Consolidation of the seven existing General Ledgers into one integrated solution and run parallel to the existing systems.

    During this phase my main duties involved business analysis with specific focus on the chart of accounts and rules & controls for the API.

    Phase 2

    Construction & delivery of all the outputs from the banks main general ledger system, to match the existing and to decommission this ledger.

    During this phase may main duties were to assist the Project Manager with managing of the macro project with specific focus on the development and implementation of a reporting system for the groups finance division. I was the manager of this reporting sub project and provided group finance division with specialist development and consulting skills.

    The reporting sub project extended to me the financial insight into the dynamics of a Bank, resulting in an ability to bridge Information Technology and Business needs.

    The project was tracked and reported on using Microsoft Project and the key performance indicators designed in conjunction with X-pert project management.

    Phase 3

    Upgrade existing hardware & software to latest performance enhanced versions and to construct & deliver all the outputs from the banks remaining general ledger systems, to match the existing and to decommission the remaining legacy general ledger systems.

    The hardware and software was successfully upgraded. Attentive planning, scheduling and optimising resulted in the Bank’s batch window being increased by more than fifty percent.

    The final, legacy general ledger system was decommissioned in September 1998.


    After completion of the General Ledger project I was responsible for the financial year-end change project and consulted on the General Ledger Year 2000 compliance project.

    The financial year-end change project involved the changing of the Banks financial year-end in the General Ledger as well as all interfacing application systems.

    the General Ledger Year 2000 compliance project involved the implementation and integrated testing of certain new General Ledger programs as well as obtaining certification of compliance.

    Both projects were completed successfully.

    Reason for leaving

    To gain experience on other integrated financial systems.


    1994 – 1995. Deloitte & Touche - Woodmead

    Chartered Accountants & Auditors http://www.dtt.co.za/


  • Joined Deloitte & Touche Computer Assurance Services in January 1994 as a Senior Assistant. Promoted to Consultant in June 1994.
  • Main job functions were to design, construct, test & implement computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs) using Audit Command Language (ACL). The CAATs were run on the client’s data with the output evaluated and forwarded to line audit.
  • This position required programming and analyst skills as well as a very good understanding of financial systems & controls, specifically in the development of CAATs and in the performing of application control reviews.
  • I performed various application control reviews for listed clients. A brief description of an application control review is; a risk assessment of the client’s System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), assessing the efficiency and effectiveness thereof by testing the use and evaluating the controls that are designed into systems using the SDLC.
  • Major clients I was responsible for:

    • First National Bank (Financial Services)

    • Nedcor Bank (Financial Services)

    • Standard & General Insurance (Financial Services)

    • Transmed (Medical Aid)

    • SAPPI (Manufacturing)

    • Nestlé (Manufacturing)

    • Highveld Steel (Manufacturing)

    Reason for leaving

    To accept a permanent position with Nedcor as detailed above.


    1992 – 1994. Tattersall & Associates - Midrand

    Chartered Accountants & Auditors

    Articled clerk

  • Joined Tattersall & Associates in January 1992 as an Articled Clerk.
  • Apart from gaining the experience prescribed by the South African Institute of Charted Accountants, I regularly assisted clients with installing computerised accounting systems. Most clients were of an entrepreneurial nature and the packages I installed were according to the clients needs. Major packages I gained experience in were Pastel & AccPacc.
  • Reason for leaving

    To gain experience in the Information Technology field. I felt this would distinguish myself from other financial professionals.


    1989 – 1992. A.B.I Ltd. (Coca Cola) Midrand

    Manufacturers & Distributors of soft drinks

    Project Accountant

  • Joined A.B.I. in January 1989 as Management Accountant, promoted to Financial Accountant in January 1990, promoted to Project Accountant in January 1991.
  • As Project Accountant I reported to the Group Financial Manager and assisted with various projects, these included development of a transfer pricing system, feasibility studies for new manufacturing plants and the development and implementation of an Inventory control system.
  • As Financial Accountant I reported to the Chief Accountant and was responsible for all General Ledger Accounts as well as the Debtors & Creditors functions. My main duties were to manage & control the staff reporting to me, which consisted of six clerks. My responsibilities included Inventory Control, Cost and Financial Accounting and the Consolidation of subsidiaries.
  • As Management Accountant I reported to the Chief Accountant and was responsible for Operating and Capital Budgets as well as the Fixed Asset register.
  • Reason for leaving

    To serve my articles of clerkship and to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

    Interests and activities Personal Computers, Golf, Travelling & Water ski.
    Other courses Expert Negotiator Programme, Investment in Excellence, Situational Leadership, Expert Facilitator Programme, Management by objectives, X-Pert Project Management Programme, Yearly Generally Accepted Accounting Practice & Tax Continuing Professional Education courses.

    I am very proficient in most Microsoft products.

    References Howard Stephens – Assistant General Manager

    Nedcor Bank – Group Finance Division

    (011) 330 1400

    083 325 0305


    Louis Swanepoel – Assistant General Manager

    Nedcor Bank – Financial Systems

    (011) 330 1499

    082 900 0771


    Stuart Boyd – Assistant General Manager

    Nedcor Bank – Information Technology & Operations Division

    (011) 881 4911

    083 326 6442


    Sanchia Van Tonder – Senior Systems Integrator

    Nedcor Bank – Information Technology & Operations Division

    (011) 881 4911

    083 325 3298


    Mark Casey – Partner

    Deloitte & Touche

    (011) 806 5000


    Warren Marais – Senior Manager

    KPMG Aitken & Peat

    (011) 647 7111

    083 407 5448

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